We're Back!

After a long absence, the CDR website is back and able to support the news of all the beautiful things done while we've been away. I want to thank Marissa Naggi (school designer), Dean Rashid, and Chair Hossler for the rebirth of our site. Now, you'll be able to read and see projects as our students resolve them. We've had many exciting and challenging projects over the last few years, and I hope to catch you up to speed on them. Most importantly, you now have a source to learn about the incredible "out-of-the-box" projects the students engage in. For nearly fourteen years, the sponsors and I have been amazed at the creative/critical thinking done to create the future, not design the past. Design changes every minute, and working with our collaboration ensures the students will be advanced in their thinking upon graduation.

The physical site has changed dramatically as well over the past few years. We have just completed a high-end computing lab for several faculty to do their research on some of the most powerful computers around. These are supported by every model of VR/AR equipment to utilize and are not available elsewhere on campus.

We’ll add additional features to the site in the next few weeks, including videos, portfolios, descriptions of the most recent projects, and virtual tours.

The CDR needs continued support, for we have begun to allocate space for additional design, architecture, and interior faculty and projects. This will require some environmental modifications to make the rooms work as needed, and we rely on outside funding for all our needs.

So continue to check back now and get the information about the CDR, its students, faculty, and sponsors on a more regular basis. We are pleased to be back and thank those who’ve made it happen again.

Gregory Thomas
Director, Center for Design Research