2023 Spring Project: Supporting Homeless Veterans

The increase in patient numbers has risen exponentially due to the pandemic. Patients have the same need for quality care. But what if you’re on the street, a person who’s donated a large part of their lives to ensure we at home are protected and able to live the lives we expect? Anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear of the unknown, and perceived financial burden from illness place an even more taxing demand on our healthcare population. These alienate someone displaced, homeless, and suffering, which also deals with catastrophic mental and behavioral health.

This spring, the CDR reached out to “Tunnels to Towers” (https://t2t.org/) and offered to help. We will support the design of 500 tiny houses (500 sqft) for homeless vets. In addition to looking at the ergonomics of these environments, we will be working with T-Mobile to develop technology that will keep the occupants safe, provide fast reactions to thoughts of self-harm, and help enable them to get back on their feet and into society.

Any student is welcome to join the class by contacting gthomas@ku.edu.